Five factors loathe users on the website

Five factors loathe users on the website

Many organizations are unwittingly creating advantages for competitors when building a website less convenient and troublesome feeling. IFocus consulting firm (US) also confirmed that people very angry when browsing.

“Such websites need to know how well designed, if users find it impractical and inappropriate, they will switch to competitors’ page. Simply type a different address only that,” Theresa Cunnington, iFocus experts said.

Flash is the most obvious example of what users hate when on a web page and click on the ‘ignore’ (skip) is also the most used keys on the Internet. Cunnington describes Flash as design “Jurassic Park” typical, meaning designers only pay attention to what he can do, but do not see that a private weight should do it or not.

According Cunnington, continuous current website separation between content and form. “The website should reflect the company’s ideas. Not everyone has access to your site, so you need to focus on a certain group of readers,” Cunnington said.

5 Elements users do not like on the website:

Advertisement: Users hate the ads interspersed in the content, flash content and consume bandwidth.
Complex design: People do not want to learn how to use a website before you can browse it.
The links were revealed in advance information about the content and file size.
These icons make people neglect dynamic content and slow the process of understanding the information.
Novel-length: Speed reading on screen information 25% slower than reading on paper, so users often prefer the less text and page without having to scroll too long.

Another issue is the “blind spot” on the site. “We started seeing the phenomenon of ‘information right-column blindness’. Users rarely click on the link in the column by they think the ad should contain only whole,” Cunnington said.

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