Factory For Lease


– 4 high factory system 6 floors with an area of from 1200m2-2700m2 to meet modern standards, aesthetics, many utilities serving the investment needs of production and warehouse work, offices of enterprises in high-tech zone in Ho Chi Minh City.

Diện tích 2.500 m2

Diện tích 2.700 m2

Diện tích 2.600 m2

Diện tích 1.200 m2

Garage, glass walls, separate elevator systems include elevators moving and freight lifts, advanced power conditioning system and automatic fire protection system.

Telecommunications, broadband infrastructure under the model of “a multi-service system”. Water supply from two water plants Thu Duc and Binh An, wastewater treatment systems standard A, industrial gas supply in place.

– 4.0 – 5.5 USD / m2 / month (excluding VAT).
– 1 month free rent from the date the two sides signed a lease.
– Building design workshops at the request of the customer if the time
on the 15-year lease with preferential rents.
– Electrical: Maximum capacity 350A / floor.
Peak time 2.637d / kWH, normal hours 1453d / kWH, peak
934d / kWH 350A.
– Water: a capacity of 160m3, price 9.600d / m3.
– Form of payment: payment in installments for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year / time.
– Signing a contract for at least 3 years and 3-6 months deposit.