Factory For Lease In Da Nang

Factory For Lease In Da Nang

Project Description

– Under the plan, the city’s high-rise buildings will have a scale from 3 to 8 storeys, and each workshop will have an area of from 100 to 3,000 m2, was piloted in the period 2015-2018 with the total cost is 600 billion.

– According to the city’S PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE, the development of tall buildings would help the city save land resources, optimize the effectiveness of land use; meet the diverse needs of businesses, attracting more investors.

– At the same time, the plan also helps to support industry development through meeting the needs of the business sector should support the production location near large businesses looking for domestic suppliers, forming the industrial-support, made a connection between the during the same business ‘ supply chain ‘ “.

– In addition, having more high-rise buildings will help create favorable conditions for a number of foreign investors have opened small production needs to probe the market and investment environment before deciding the long-term investment in Vietnam.