Housing stayed Saigon Hi-Tech Park

Housing stayed Saigon Hi-Tech Park

Project Description

-Residential stay is Hotel, tourist resort, motel room, where resort for tourists when to travel somewhere. Also as a residential community structure included households homeless, living in the Danish convergence to a geographical area. So why would these projects need to be established to protect the environment?

-General characteristics is the stay tourism or residential wastewater systems, have influenced the environment around large waste quantities, focus. So, need to have environmental management plans in operation, protect the environment from being polluted. The program, the environmental management plan was mentioned in the environmental protection project

-Under the provisions of the Decree 18/2015/ND-CP, the project to build accommodation facilities for tourists, the settlement was operational but did not have the approval decision report “environmental impact assessment”, the registration certificate “a commitment to protect the environment,” according to the provisions of the law before 1 April 2015, the maximum 36-month period from the date of 01/4/ 2015 must implement one of the two remedial measures breach by establishing environmental protection project details or to set up environmental protection project simple.

-Investor’s grasp of the environmental impacts of the project stay travel, his residential area, from there take out preventative measures, to minimize the negative impacts and precautions, risk response, the issue of the project.

-When the owner has had environmental protection project will know how to manage waste, sorting waste (garbage removal, reuse, sell, …). If you know how to manage and good management will contribute to environmental protection and clean operation, avoid illness as well as better living space.

-When the environment around the stay tourism as well as residential areas are clean, green will built beautiful image in the community. From there, travelers know to much, increasing the amount of tourists stay as well as residential living better, more civilized.