Sports Betting Slang And Terminology

Sports Betting Slang And Terminology

Bets based on a pool, or combined fund of bettors’ stakes. Estimated returns or dividends for successful bets are available beforehand, but the actual amounts to be paid out are only finalised after the race when all the money has been put in. The final odds on a selection at the point the race starts. Fractional odds allow you to calculate your potential profit not including your stake. A successful bet at 6/1 with a £2 stake earns you £12, plus you get the stake back, so your ‘returns’ are £14 in that case. The selection which is first to cross the finish line in a race.

Best Thursday Night Football Bets: Patriots

The amount of points a bettor has to lay with a favorite or the number of points they receive for backing an underdog in a specific contest. This is the baseball equivalent of betting against the spread. In runline bets, the favorite usually lays 1.5 runs against the underdog. When a majority of bets are placed on one side of a sporting event, but the line moves in the opposite direction. This usually means that sharp money is involved on a game.

Off Track Betting

All selections must win in order for the bet to be successful. The percentage return that a bettor sees on their overall sports wagering. The goal is to maximize return on investment when betting on sports.

Common across most sports, these wagers bet on the winner at halftime and at the end of the game. An example of this would be if the Lakers are winning at half time and The Mavs were winning at full time. Similar to spread betting in some ways, Asian Handicapping offers from a quarter to multiple goals. Generally linked to soccer, but not exclusively, this betting market doesn’t allow for ties. American odds are all based on a unit of 100, they refer to the alternatives to decimal or fraction odds. A plus (+) sign indicates the underdogs, and a negative (-) represents the favorites.

Total bet (over/under) – A bet on the combined number of points scored by both teams in a game, including overtime/extra innings. Runline – Baseball has a point spread of -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog. Puckline – Hockey has a point spread of -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog.

Applying The Sports Betting Terminology

The National Basketball League is the biggest basketball league in the world and one of the most profitable major sports leagues on the planet. The competition boasts teams from across the US, as well as in Canada. Course and Distance is a sign that a horse has won over the course and distance a race is taking place, sometimes referring to the same race the previous year.

Bookmakers are not allowed in the Members area, but some bookmakers are allowed to set up their pitches on the Tattersalls side of the rails, allowing them to accept bets. Rails bookmakers are the top end of the racecourse betting market, usually dealing with credit customers. Handicapper – Someone who uses maths based rating systems to forecast outcomes on sporting events and place bets accordingly. Alternate lines – Derivatives of standard betting markets. Examples include Alternate Handicaps or Alternate Totals which offer higher or lower spread or totals with odds changing accordingly. They are bets that contain more than one selection and they’re often used in football betting.

Using any of the information found at to violate any law or statute is prohibited. Check the online gambling regulations in your jurisdiction before placing any wagers with any of the links advertising gambling sites. Instead of worrying about which sports offer the most value, start by betting the sports you are most interested in. Sports betting is always best when you actually enjoy and know a lot about what event you’re betting on. Even though kickboxing might not offer a ton of betting options, if that’s the sport you’re really in to, you should start by wagering on that. As we cover in our walkthrough of making a deposit, each sportsbook will have a minimum amount of money you are required to deposit for each transaction.

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