Hi-tech will be the pioneer in providing high rise office-factory, high quality services to enterprises in Hi-Tech Park, completely meet demand on working environment of professional and modern natures from domestic and international businesses.


Bringing trust and peace of mind in business operation to enterprises by solutions of Office - Factory with optimized area; creating new office standards and knowledge environment to human resources in hi-tech parks; at the same time contributing development to auxiliaries technology and scientific research in Vietnam

Core values

The core values are showd in the words "HI-TECH"
H - Human
We take people as basis of development, always creating favorable environment to raise talents by the trend of multi-functioning, multi-tasking to complete and more professional

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About us

Với xuất phát điểm là những người cực kỳ hiểu về khu công nghệ cao, chúng tôi nhận ra những trăn trở, hoài bão và khó khăn của những doanh nghiệp thời kỳ khởi đầu là rất lớn. Đặc biệt, ở Việt Nam, khi chúng ta đang có nhu cầu lớn về đầu tư cơ sở hạ tầng sản xuất, văn phòng nghiên cứu, khu công nghệ mà lại phải đối mặt với vấn đề khan hiếm tài nguyên đất thì việc sử dụng bất động sản như vậy thật quá lãng phí. Và điều này là kẻ thù của sự phát triển...

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Message From the board

The journey of every enterprise begins and ends with its own customers. From being aware of and having orientation from the first days of start-up, TLD Hi-Tech always consider and strive to reach the highest level of the service quality. With the model of Factory – Office for hi-tech enterprise, we always identify that: Factory – Office is not just 04-wall place, but the working and living space along with creativity and connection. Every days, 08 hours here, it is really meaningful moments of experience in my life.
For that reason, by the creative ideas, enthusiasm, and solidarity of TLD Hi-Tech, we always innovate, improve products and their service quality. Customers’ satisfaction is the best measurement for the success of TLD Hi-Tech. Wishing that TLD Hi-Tech is the best choice and your trust for those investors who come to SHTP, in particular, and Ho Chi Minh city, in general.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai


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